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Worked with a Defense Company to provide a detailed assessment and analysis of the cyber market and competitive landscape.


After budget and personnel cuts the company sought assistance to identify potential cyber opportunities to increase its opportunity pipeline.  The company must focus resources over the next 2 years--not only to facilitate growth, but to survive in the fast-paced cyber domain.



Accomplished by assessing the competitive market terrain including overall market size, as well as specific trends and dynamics within each category relating to technology and capabilites. Prepared a comprehensive analysis of cyber business prospects within NSA, DHS and U.S. Cyber Command, as well as DoD.



Utilized our broad network of cyber experts and partners within the private and public sectors to provide due diligence and technical vetting to determine the best approach to the highly competitive and widely-dispersed cyber market. Determined teaming with mid-size companies would be beneficial to increasing footprint without increased personnel costs.



Provided a comprehensive analysis of the top cyber-market leaders, including competitor capabilities, performance, and future business strategies. Collected market projections capturing future market size, growth, and identified major trends and programs in the market space over the next two years.

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