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Provided  consulting and business development services to a small company seeking relationships within the Intelligence Community.



The company thought its technological solution applied to the US Intelligence Community (IC), but the company did not have any relationships with key members of the IC. The company was not fully aware of the missions and budgets of the individual agencies or industry business opportunities.



Worked with the company’s sales team to determine the effectiveness of its federal sales efforts through both high and low-level customer outreach throughout the industry.  We were able to map the company's capabilities to long-range customer goals and short-term mission objectives.



Helped the company craft a tailored contact plan and marketing presentation for individual agencies within the IC based on our understanding of the budget, customer, mission, challenges, and trends.  Worked closely with the company’s business development and federal sales team to establish and maintain relationships with the customer.



As a result of our expertise and knowledge of emerging federal requirements and trends, the company has increased its revenue and has a plan for engaging and winning future business within the intelligence community. The company also has strong, working relationships  with key stakeholders. 

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