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Company needed to create a messaging campaign to counter negative and damaging perceptions about its products.



Worked with a mid-sized company to help them assess and plan for the challenges they faced based on misinformation about the company and its practices.



In the process of our engagement with the client, our team was able to pinpoint new details on the company and its practices, procedures and accomplishments in many areas.  Built a strong “business case” for engaging the government and customers to show why our products and services were best.



Created and implemented a strategically focused, multi-tiered education campaign to address the “bad stories” that were making the “rounds” of the traditional press and new media.  Positioned the company to become a valuable resource for key customers and Congress.



By crafting an education campaign to highlight these positive areas, the company was able to position itself in a better light, deflecting some of the tarnish from the “bad stories.”

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